nirai 3


Unfortunately, you are stuck in 2016...

More IP addresses for you to investigate:,, and

Obtain a flag as the proof of your investigation!

WARNING: This series of challenges may contain malicious behaviors that you can optionally enable. Be extra careful when running them (if you can)!

Hint: Please consider solving nirai 2 first (if you have not) before working on this challenge.

Solution Statistics

bcrypted answer $2a$12$PqWXOkmKP/9U8emp3E9CsevFBu07uaQtfAJw6.iDqSED1D4SBGoDu
observations 149
solves 3
points 346
average solve seconds 43763 seconds, or about 12 hours
stddev solve time 20042 seconds, or about 6 hours

Solutions Over Time

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solved by 3 teams

team solved at it took
RePokemonedCollections 2024-05-05 13:51:49 UTC 20676 seconds, or 5.74 hours
BlueWater 2024-05-05 23:10:47 UTC 53928 seconds, or 14.98 hours
Maple Mallard Magistrates 2024-05-05 23:50:34 UTC 56686 seconds, or 15.75 hours